The SwapAcross DAO reaches a consensus on proposals via token voting. All stSWAPX holders are empowered to participate in governance votes. Token holders can also delegate their governance power to delegates who can participate in SwapAcross Governance on their behalf.

Voting Periods

On the 25th of each month a voting period will open up where any SIP proposals maybe be submitted for a vote.


You can vote on each proposal yourself or delegate your votes to a third party. To be eligible to vote, you must hold $SWAPX in your wallet and delegate it at the start of voting.


In order for a proposal to succeed, a minimum of 2.5m stSWAPX must participate in the vote. Any changes to the quorum requirements must be amended by the community through an SIP.

Each vote has to reach the minimum quorum, even if it has a majority, for it to be considered an official proposal. It is the responsibility of the proposal author to enlist voting participation from the community in order to reach a quorum.

Governance Proposal Types

1. SwapAcross Improvement Proposal (SIP)

This is a formal governance proposal to deal with all matters related to the SwapAcross Interface. Before an SIP can be submitted it must have passed a temperature check by the community.

2. Fast Track Proposal (FTP)

This express proposal path is designed to cater to emergencies where time is of the essence. Through the expedited fast track process, the fast track process follows this pattern:

· Governance thread for 24h

· Immediate vote open for 48h

· Community multisig enforcement

· Fast-track requires a 5 million $SWAPX quorum

Proposal Funding

SwapAcross DAO has two pathways for funding:

  • Direct funding through governance

  • The SwapAcross Foundation Grants

Direct Funding Through Governance

The DAO manages the on-chain community treasury and can provide funding for approved governance and community proposals.

SwapAcross Grants Program

The SwapAcross Grants Program was created to fund ideas and builders in the SwapAcross ecosystem.

Proposal History

To learn about SwapAcross Proposal history, you can find off-chain votes on Snapshot and on-chain votes on the SwapAcross governance forum.

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