Smart Wallet


  • The SwapAcross smart wallet is completely non-custodial meaning that you always retain full custody of your assets.

  • Significantly more secure than other platforms such as Binance, Kraken or

Social Logins:

  • Embrace the future of decentralized technology through the use of our social logins and social recovery.

  • You can now create a wallet using your Google Account, Apple ID, Twitter or Facebook account.

  • By creating an account using your social logins you never have to worry about losing access to your crypto again as it is always recoverable now.

Portfolio View:

  • Easily track all of your crypto assets in one simple to use portfolio view regardless of what chain they're on.

  • Analyze your overall portfolio performance over the week, month, year or all time.

Any Chain Send/Receive:

  • With our new Smart Wallet technology you can easily send and receive assets on any chain without needing to swap or bridge first.

  • Simulate your transactions before hand to make sure that they will arrive safely.

Buy/Sell Crypto:

  • Through our partner Onramper you can purchase or sell crypto directly in over 179 countries.

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