Token Supply & Distribution

The issuance of the $SWAPX governance token will be unlocked sequentially over a 3-year time period, following the public launch. The total supply of $SWAPX tokens is 1 billion and will never be exceeded.

The $SWAPX token will initially be deployed on the Ethereum network. All proceeds from the token launch will be kept in the treasury and may only be accessed if approved in majority vote by the DAO.

Token Name (Ticker)$SWAPX

Token Type


Total Supply


Token Supply Breakdown

Ecosystem (60%)
  • Token Sale: 30%

  • Treasury: 24%

  • Liquidity: 6%

Ecosystem Development (20%)
  • Used towards community development, partnerships and airdrops.

Core Contributors (20%)
  • Allocated to community contributors, team and advisors.

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